Reference Design Articles

A series of reference design articles on the Radix Tech Blog help you get acquainted with Radix tools and techniques. Each one seeks to provide practical explanations of how particular developers can solve problems using those tools with good best-practice patterns of usage.

These should help get the most out of Radix, and deliver the best possible experience to your users.

If you’ve got any suggestions for articles on certain tools, applications, or use cases that you’d like to see a reference design article on, the team would love to hear from you on the Radix Discord server and its many developer channels.

Radix Tools

Article Title Intended Audience

Using Native Pools and Pool Units for Intuitive Liquidity Provider UX

Scrypto component developer

Using Transaction Manifests to Give Wallet Users Confidence

Web frontend or full-stack dApp developer

Using Radix dApp Toolkit’s √ Connect Button for Great Wallet Connection UX

Web frontend or full-stack dApp developer

Applications and Use Cases