babylonnode CLI Command Reference

The babylonnode CLI tool makes many aspects of node installation and maintenance more straightforward by offering commands for common node features, and performing the API interactions and local configuration changes necessary behind the scenes.

We offer an extensive guide for installing the node with the CLI, setting up a Grafana dashboard using the CLI, and it may also be used with nodes installed via the direct Docker or systemd methods.

Complete CLI Command Reference

For a full reference on the commands the babylonnode CLI offers, please see the documentation on the CLI GitHub repository.

More information on babylonnode Usage

You can use babylonnode to carry out a variety of administration tasks. For example:

You can find more information about the babylonnode CLI command set here.

If you have any questions or run into problems, then check our troubleshooting guide, or the Node FAQ page. You can also get support from the Radix community and Radix team members.