Using the Radix Wallet

This page describes intended capabilities for dApp developers on Radix at the release of the Babylon version of the Radix Network in September 2023. Until then, some capabilities and tools may not be available or fully-featured.


The Radix Wallet is a crucial enabler of great user experience for Web3 and DeFi dApps on Radix.

First, the Radix Wallet is designed as a trusted point of personal control for the user. It is a mobile app where users can easily and confidently view and manage all of their accounts and assets “on ledger” on the Radix Network, as well as their Personas, personal data, and various preferences held “off ledger” locally in the app. It makes it easy for users to configure and use the multi-factor account features of the Radix Network that give users great security while not having to deal with seed phrases or passwords.

Even more importantly, the Radix Wallet is designed to let users connect to a limitless variety of dApps that developers (like you!) will create. With it, users can instantly sign in and make the contents of their wallet selectively available to your dApp, however they wish. It is designed to “get out of the way” and let you create whatever user experience you imagine, while relying on the wallet to represent the user and what they own.

radix wallet concept

So for you to build a user-facing dApp for the Radix network, you should build your dApp’s website frontend to interact with the Radix Wallet for things like logging users in using Personas, requesting account information, requesting pieces of personal data, and of course proposing transaction for the user to review and submit to the Radix Network.

The developer preview of the Radix Wallet mobile app gives you the essential features and interfaces for you to start testing these interactions with your dApp frontends, using a variety of provided tools and libraries.

What Works and What’s Coming

The developer preview version of the Radix Wallet includes these essential features:

  • Create accounts on the Radix RCnet v3 and Stokenet networks

  • See tokens and NFTs held in accounts

  • First implementation of Persona data

  • Handle receiving transactions from dApps, and signing/submitting them

  • Automatic addition of a fee-locking instruction to transaction manifests from dApps

  • Link the wallet to a Radix Wallet Connector browser extension, for interacting with desktop dApps (via Radix Connect)

  • Early form of the transaction preview

The user experience for even these functions isn’t complete. For example, errors are passed through unfiltered or you may experience crashes, but what is present should be sufficient to confidently get started building.

Not all features shown during the Web3 UX vision demo at RadFi will make the v1.0 release of the Radix Wallet at the Babylon Mainnet upgrade in September 2023 – but many of the most essential certainly will. And we’re certain v1.0 will provide a compelling first user experience for the public when using it to connect to your dApps.