Radix Engine Toolkit

The Radix Engine Toolkit (RET) is a Rust library that exposes a set of functions to help clients construct transaction manifests, compile and decompile transactions, perform SBOR encoding and decoding, derive virtual account and virtual badge addresses, and other utility functions to assist with interacting with the Radix Network.

While RET is written in Rust, various wrappers can provide native syntax for a variety of other language targets. A Typescript wrapper is offered directly, and includes complete usage documentation. Using UniFFI, other wrappers may be created for languages such as C#, Kotlin, Swift, and Python.

Because RET is fairly heavy-weight, it is not recommended for direct use in web frontends. It is better suited for use in backend systems that must interact with the Radix Network, or for server-side-rendered web frontends.

Installation and Usage